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San Apollonaire’s Message Today

January 18, 2013
The view from below, Summer 2012

The view from below, Summer 2012

Today the Quattrocentrist needed badly to go to a quiet place but the exigencies of scheduled office hours meant disappearing from view was a no go.  Day and in fact the week had been going pretty well when I mounted the outside stairs to the elderly building that houses my office: Blackboard sites completed and ready to launch for both classes (check), lecture prepared for this afternoon (check), Smithsonian Research Fellowship application turned in on time earlier in the week (check), weekend free to start recording online class commentary for JHU courses (check).   Inside the doors I run smack into my colleague who was supposed to have written a letter of recommendation for me for the SI Fellowship.   Professor X stops, sees me, and says, “Oh hey, I’m going to get to that letter soon.”  Sigh.  Double sigh.   Rather than putting my head down on my desk and crying, I decided to do what any sane art historian does in this situation.  Find something lovely to look at.

I opened up my photographs from this past summer and low and behold I found this rather poor image of the apse mosaics in San Apollonaire in Classe.  Is it just my imagination or in answer to my predicament is good Saint A. encouraging me to move on with a big “WHATEVER?”


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