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“When one door closes…”

October 24, 2016

The famous maxim “When one door closes another opens” is generally inscribed to inventor Alexander Graham Bell.  Today’s reflection upon the Bell quote is due to the fact that I’m partway through one door and looking down the hall towards another set of doorways in my career passageway.   Or, as I like to think of it, here I go again heading from one desk to another.


My life has lots of doors and lots of desks.   I like desks.  I have five in my home–one in the kitchen that is used primarily for working with recipes from cookbooks and torn from magazines, and as a staging the events of the day.  I have two desks in the sunroom; one is for bills and busy work and the other for organization of projects and papers related to my consulting practice. The desk in the bedroom is used primarily for grading, and the one in the guest bedroom for writing fiction.


In terms of offices provided to me by others I have my own shelf at Ingall’s Library at the Cleveland Museum of Art, in the sunny, lovely reading room for art history research.  An office on campus at CWRU for meeting with students and grading.  And my favorite, a lovely writing office out at CWRU’s Valley Ridge Farm in a converted stable for writing non-fiction.


The paragraph below comes from a letter of recommendation written for me by a colleague.  And although I did not get that particular grant, today I am going to OWN his compliments:


She’s been a curator (at the San Diego Museum of Art), she’s been a teacher, she’s been a media consultant and pioneer in new media applications–she has a range of skills that one seldom finds in a single person, she’s adept at adjusting to new situations, and she combines “the old art history” with new modes of art history and scholarly inquiry in an impressive way.


I haven’t decided which desk I’ll be starting with on November 1 but I’m looking forward to opening a few doors and adjusting to some new situations.


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