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Dress for the Job You Want!

December 2, 2016

Version 2

Once a year a friend and colleague (you know who you are) gives my 2nd year graduate students some tough love advice on the topic of their cvs/resumes.  Today was the day.  My two lovely students gathered in my tiny office to Skype with Nik and hear the results of a resume review by a senior museum professional with oodles (that’s right oodles) of resume review experience.


Thus when the he arrived on the video screen I was unsurprised to see him dressed to the nines, crisp dress shirt, power tie, vest, and beard and mustache impeccably trimmed. I on the other hand–because today is a writing day for me out at the University Farm–was dressed in jeans and a not as crisp white blouse.  It is also highly likely that my blouse already had tell-tale coffee stains.  Sigh.


At one point Nik reminded one of the students to dress for the job she wants to have, not the one she has now.  Since the first day of graduate school in 1984 my routine has been pantyhose, pumps, suit or dress, and pearls. Okay the suits are more drape-y now than they used to be, often involving slacks instead of skirts–imagine the 1970s television series Maude but with less polyester and feathers–and the pumps are now flats, but that has always been the institutional outfit.


Nik’s words occasioned one of those rare moments of personal and professional clarity–this morning, dressed casually to go out and spend the afternoon writing at the farm, I am dressed for the job I want to have.   Gotta go write.


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