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Too Many Tools…

July 14, 2017


I see that I haven’t written a thing yet in 2017.  Woke up today with the thought “I’ve got too many tools in my life.”  Okay not hand tools of the sort pictured in that public domain stock photo above, but too many tools of other sorts.   First world problem, I know. Let’s begin.

At 56, according to some sources, I’m beyond the age to gladly welcome new tools–even if they are labor-saving, into my life.  While that’s not quite true there are a surfeit of tools in my life right now.

A company for whom I do some part-time project management work has me using Trello for client management, SmartSheet for implementation management, ZenDesk for post-implementation customer support, JIRA for support on the development end,  Confluence to store customer documentation, and LucidChart for…well..charts.   For another project, for another company, we use Basecamp & Slack.

Various institutions of higher education have me using Blackboard, Google Docs, Scaler, Wireframe, and Omeka.  Coming this fall–yet another system yet to be determined.  For blogging and social media, I use WordPress and Medium, and of course Twitter, facebook, and Instagram.

Personally I’ve got this cocktail of apps designed to make me better, stronger, sleeker, faster, and smarter.  These include:  Fitbit, Running, Lose It! ,  Headspace, and Duolingo.

To accommodate all the tools above that are necessary though multiplicitous, I’m going to spend the second half of 2017 separating myself from some of the other tools that negatively impact my professional life.





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